The Board

Composition of the Board

The VI Board of Nurse Licensure is composed of one Nurse Anesthetist, one Nurse Midwife, one Nurse Educator, three nurses from varied areas of specialization, two Licensed Practical Nurses, two voting lay persons, one from the St. Thomas- St. John District and one from the St. Croix District. Each member of the Board shall be a citizen of the United States of America and a resident of the United States Virgin Islands for at least five years.

Individuals who serve on boards of nursing are appointed to their position. State and territorial law dictates the membership of the board of nursing, which usually includes a mix of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, and consumers. Together, they meet often to oversee board of nursing activities and to take disciplinary action on nurses’ licenses as necessary.

An informed consumer is an important partner to the board of nursing in making sure that unsafe nursing practice is reported. Toward that end, this information is for consumers who want to know how to report a complaint about a licensed nurse or certified nurse assistant to the board.

Board Members

Tanicia Penn, MSN, RN  
Varied Nurse Specialist
St. Thomas

Elizabeth R. Dumas, CRNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
St. Croix

Celia Nurse, PhD, RN
Nurse Educator
St. Thomas

Dr. Brittany Dawson, DNP, APRN-CNM
Vice Chair
Certified Nurse Midwife
St. Croix

Marion Wilson, LPN
Licensed Practical Nurse
St. Croix

Juliette Petty
St. Thomas

Arnelle Comissiong, BSN, RN
Varied Nurse Specialist
St. Thomas

Lydia Ellis, LPN
Licensed Practical Nurse
St. Thomas

St. Croix

Office Staff Directory

Office Telephone 340-249-0684
Office Cell 340-690-9326
Office Email

STT Territorial Executive Director
Carmen Vanterpool Romney 340-249-0684 ext. 5681

STT Executive Management Officer
Celia Sebastien 340-249-0684 ext. 5682

STT Administrative Specialist
Grace Warner 340-249-0684 ext. 5685

Compliance Administrative Officer
Stacey Penn 340-249-0684 ext. 5686

STX Administrative Specialist
Sherise Joseph 340-690-9326

STT Administrative Officer
Ailsie Proctor-Hughes 340-249-0684 ext. 5683

Receptionist 340-249-0684 Ex: 5680