Welcome to the VIBNL

Nearly 100 years ago, Boards of Nursing were established by state government to protect the public & health by overseeing and ensuring the safe practice of nursing. Boards of Nursing achieve this mission by establishing the standards for safe nursing care, and issuing licenses to practice nursing. Once a license is issued, the Boards job continues by monitoring licensees compliance to local laws and taking action against the licenses of those nurses who have exhibited unsafe nursing practice.

The Goal of Board
The goal of the VI Board of Nurse Licensure is to safeguard the public's health, safety, and welfare through the regulation of nursing education, entry to nursing practice, and promotion of continuing safe nursing practice.

We are committed to honesty, fairness, and objectivity in all deliberations, transactions, and relationships. Working with others in a cooperative spirit to build strong professional and public relationships is simply what we are about.

The Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure (VIBNL) aspires to set the standard of excellence for regulatory agencies by making evidence based decisions that are legally sound, fiscally responsible, operationally efficient, technology integrated, quality driven and publicly accountable in the territory of the United States Virgin Islands.

Mission of the Board

The Mission of the Virgin Islands Board of Nurse Licensure is to identify and promote effective policies and standards for nursing education, practice and discipline, to protect the public. This mission is accomplished through the regulation of nursing licensure, scope of nursing practice, approval of nursing education and discipline of licenses.

The VI Board of Nurse Licensure thanks you for your interest in practicing nursing in the territory. Our communities are interesting and culturally diverse; however, there are many attractive aspects of American culture here too. We welcome you to our professional community and wish that you find enjoyment and satisfaction as you work and live among the beautiful, caring people of the United States Virgin Islands.